The Autumn and Winter months often send people scurrying into their homes, curtains are drawn and the heating starts to go on.  Day light hours become precious and hibernation may seem the only option.  Of course this is not true and there are quite a few reasons to remain active at this time and outdoor adventures provide plenty of scope to get active.

Being active and outdoors often helps people feel happier and healthier.  Traditional methods; looking forward to Christmas often involves eating and drinking too much, not to mention worrying about not having done the Christmas shopping and the classic what do I get for the person who has everything.  Well don’t dispare.  With beautiful views and fantastic lighting, here are a few suggestions as to how you can combat those dark feelings.

Outdoor adventures action
Views in a woodland walk

When to go out

It use to be that if you were planning an outdoor adventure activity you had to guess about the wind and rain.  With virtually everyone having access to up to the minute weather forcasts a lot of the guessing is removed.  We see evidence of this in The Lake District all the time.  If the forecast for the morning is poor but pleasant in the afternoon then as if by magic carparksstart to fill up midday and people make the most of the sunshine.  You might have to be a “Glass half full kind of person” but choosing your days is easier that you might think and can present you with great opportunities for outdoor adventures.

Nobody wants to get cold and wet on their outdoor activities.

It use to be that on the “Outward Bound” adventures people would describe expereinces as “character building”  or “a way of toughing people up” .  Well in line with not supporting slavery we don’t agree with this view either.  People need to realise that going outdoors into the hills without proper equipment is just stupid, unpleasant and dangerous.  They shouldn’t be sold this character building rubbish.  You need to approach outdoor activities in the right way; informed, suitably equiped and planned.   The availability of suitable outdoor clothing, water proof jackets and trousers and good footwear is widespread.  You just have to buy with a purpose in mind.  Most outdoor providers worth trusting to take you out will provide good quailiity functional equipment to keep you safe and warm.

Benefits of  getting outdoors will come to you 

Outdoor adventure kayaking
Autumn view on the lake


Don’t just jump in at the deep end or bite off more that you can chew.  Going outdoors means that you get exercise and destress but you shouldn’t over do it.  You need to start with modest goals or projects.  There is a wealth of information online and if you fancey something a little technical then there are lots of providers out there who are happy to guide you.  You do need to ensusre that you are fit enough for waterver you plan.  If you don’t do regular exercise and don’t like going to the gym then walking of some gentle boating is a fantastic way of starting.  You can prepare for further adventures with little bursts of exercise.  Even starting with 5 minutes a day and maybe building up to 30 minutes could make a tremendous difference.  If you can make a start then you stand to improve mental and emotional health as well as increasing relaxation and physical health and fitness.

As an outdoor provider our highest priority is just to make beiing outdoors exciting, fun and safe.  We also want people to realise that they can be independent in their adventures gaining their own experience and making their own decisions and judgents.


Outdoor adventures in winter
Walking in a winter wonderland