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Indoor Rock Climbing & Bouldering

In the Lake District
Activity Overview

Indoor rock climbing and bouldering is one way to beat The Lake District weather and really good for those cold or wet days. Indoor rock climbing has other advantages too. Climbing indoors means that you have a very controlled environment in which to learn new skills. Joint Adventures instructors can teach you how to climb, how to belay your partner and set you on the road to learning simple techniques which will get your climbing off to a flying start.


If you’re not sure about heights then bouldering is the way forward. Bouldering allows you to develop all the technical skills of a climber without having to go higher than you want to. It gives you a great feeling of achievement and no matter how rubbish you might think your bouldering is you will improve if you take part in a session.

Learning to Lead Indoors

If you have some climbing experience and want to start to lead climb then indoor climbing walls have distinct advantages. You can familiarise yourself with clipping in and work up to carrying your own quick draws. This is a really good way to build confidence and develop skills which can help you learn to lead outdoors.

Indoor Climbing Gallery

More about Indoor Climbing & Bouldering

Sessions are typically 2 hours long and provide a chance to learn how to boulder safely and develop good belaying technique. For a family of 5 with 2 adults and 3 children the price is around £130 for a 2 hour session inclusive of rock shoes, harness and chalk.

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