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Building towers & bridges in the lake District
Activity Overview

Pioneering involves construction of things essential for everyday life. Such things include simple chairs, tables and beds as well as larger structures such as catapults, bridges, and towers using simple materials such as wood and rope. It's great fun and a fantastic activity for individuals and also for team building.

Original Pioneers were the first group to lead explorations to new lands. Their engineering skills paved the way for the groups that followed. Pioneering draws on the creativity and imagination which we all have which makes us want to make something out of almost nothing. Although we can no longer invent the wheel, pioneering does challenge us to create something and problem solve in a way which we do not often come across in day to day lives. And of course the best thing about it is that it is fantastic fun.

Pioneering Gallery

More about Pioneering

Of course its not all about bridge building and crossing rivers. Pioneers also need somewhere to sleep off the ground. Smaller projects such as beds, chairs and tables are fun to make and will allow a range of people to enjoy the activity.

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