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Live Action Tag Archery

In the Lake District
Activity Overview

Tag Archery is for those who want to shoot their friends but still want them to buy you a beer afterwards.  Of course your friends will also be trying to shoot you so you'd better be nimble on your feet as well as handy with a bow.  Unlike paint ball, tag archery won't leave you covered in bruises and even if you play in shorts and T shirt bruising is rare.

How it is played

First you will become familiar with the bows and have some practice at shooting fixed targets.  After a bit of practice you will be introduced to the tag archery games.  Two teams face each other on a court and try to knock out their opponent's targets or hit their opponent.   The game is very competitive and is a great focus for team work, and communication but most of all it's really great fun.  Other tag archery game options are included depending on the size of group.

Better than Paint Ball

You can do this activity in shorts and T shirts or in full winter wear.  You will be given a eye protection but apart from that you don't need protective clothing.  Unlike Paint Ball the arrows rarely leave any marks and mostly it will only be your pride that hurts if your friends keep hitting you.

Archery Gallery

Field Archery

Field archery

Field archery sessions are a wonderful way to relax and enjoy being in the forest or open countryside. In a relaxed easy going atmosphere you will be introduced to Field Archery, in which we try to simulate the art of hunting in English woodlands.

Of course we do not hunt real animals. Instead we use a variety of two dimensional and three dimensional targets placed in a beautiful woodland setting. Archers shoot at targets of varying sizes, and the level of skill needed can be varied by setting targets over more difficult terrain.

With emphasis on safety, and developing good shooting technique, you will be taught how to use your equipment correctly. After some practice you will have a chance to move on to shooting over varying distances, and perhaps venturing onto the "hunting trail". Field Archery can be done as a full day activity.

Archery can be done as part of corporate hospitality, team building, or any occasion when you want to relax in a beautifully peaceful setting. This is a year round activity for anyone who is 10 years or older.

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