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Kayak Touring

In the Lake District
Activity Overview

If you have ever wanted to go on a kayak journey then kayak touring in The Lake District is a must do activity.  Journeys are usually between 6km and 12 Km depending on length of the session, your fitness and  your experience.  Most sessions are a mixture of touring skills and journeying on the lake.  Our touring/sea kayaks can travel more quickly than shorter boats and allow you to do more miles for less paddle strokes.  We can help you on your journey from beginner to seasoned traveller, giving you skills and knowledge to enable you to explore.   In kayak touring our aim is to give you some skills and experience to move you towards being an independent paddler who can enjoy kayak touring with their friends.  By improving your paddling skills your journeys will become easier and more enjoyable.

Your session will be a mixture a journey on the lake with some skill practices thrown in for fun.  Basic skills and techniques will improve as you  become  comfortable on your kayak.  The pace of the day can be adjusted to suit your fitness, experience and the weather on the day.  We tend to use the quieter lakes especially Coniston Water where you can easily stop off for lunch and even visit Wild Cat Island.   Journeys can be one way or round trips, but in any case you will experience the lake from a different view.

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Once you are underway, you can enjoy the thrill of being out there and learning the skills needed to plan your own journeys.


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