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Kayak Touring

In the Lake District
Activity Overview

For fun taster kayak or canoe sessions click here. If you want more why not try kayak touring in The Lake District? Imagine; you have your kayak packed with your provisions, your route planned, and you are fully prepared for your kayak tour exploring on one of The Lake District's larger lakes, taking in an island or two on the way. At Joint Adventures we have the craft (specialist touring/sea kayaks) which will allow you to quickly master the basics, and help you develop the skills and knowledge to enable you to explore.... where no hill walker can!

After some initial training, in which you will master basic skills and get comfortable in your kayak, we will set off on your kayak journey exploring one of the Lake District lakes. Journeys can be one way or round trips, but in any case you will experience the lake from a different view.

Kayak Touring Gallery

More about Kayak Touring

Advanced white water kayaking

Once you are underway, you can enjoy the thrill of being out there and learning the skills needed to plan your own journeys.


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