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Kayak & Canoe Skills

Courses In the Lake District
Activity Overview

If you want more than a quick taster session, then kayak and canoe skills courses are for you. You will develop your skills to enable you to enjoy which ever aspects of canoe sport interest you. You can chose courses where you will have a chance to use a variety of different types of boat, or concentrate your efforts on just mastering one. You can find out about our Kayak Touring courses as well. We run training and assessments for all BCU Star tests.

Kayak or canoe skills courses are based on BCU star tests and can be tailor made to suit your requirements, but some typical examples are outlined below:

Complete Beginner (1 or 2 day course)

In this course we cover the following:

  • Canoe and Kayak equipment
  • Basic paddling skills forwards and backwards
  • Simple steering and using rudder strokes
  • Moving the boat sideways
  • Try a different boat
  • Safe wet exits and taking a swim

The British Canoe Union 1 Star Award will be available for those who meet the standard.

Improver's Course (2 day course)

In our Improver's Course we cover:

  • Better forward paddling
  • Going on a journey
  • Access to water ways in Britain
  • Edging your boat and increasing your range of strokes
  • Wet exists and rescues
  • Preventing a capsize

The British Canoe Union 2 Star Award will be available for those who meet the standard.

Intermediate Course (2 day course)

This course is for boaters with some experience of most of the main kayak or canoeing strokes. The course will cover the following techniques on flat water:

  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Strokes on the move
  • Advanced rudder strokes
  • Journeys
  • Recovery strokes and rescues
  • A review: what do I have to do for 3 star assessment?

Foundation Safety & Rescue (1 day course)

This is a good course for those who want to kayak or canoe more independently but are worried about managing safety and rescue. It is also a pre requisite course fro those entering the The British Canoe Union Coaching Scheme.

Please note: For the new BCU 2 star test candidates must show that they can paddle kayak and canoe. This will normally take a minimum of 3 days to allow paddling canoe and kayak.)

More about Kayak & Canoe Skills

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