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In the Lake District
Activity Overview

Kayaking in the Lake District has something for every one. Exploring The Lake District by kayak is a fantastic experience.

Kayaking is just one part of Canoe Sport. There are many ways to get involved with kayaking; from messing about on the water, to longer kayaking journeys on lakes and rivers. Joint Adventures offers the following kayaking sessions:

For taster sessions all our kayaks are of a good specification, and are bought with comfort in mind.  Our flat water and beginners kayaks are very stable, and are easy to get to go in a straight line. Larger paddlers get larger boats!  Taster sessions are meant to let you know if kayaking is for you and aims to get you into kayaking in a fun and enjoyable way.

Kayaking Gallery

More about Kayaking

Kayak seal launch

Check out our Kayak Touring courses for kayaking journeys on the larger lakes. For these journeys you will use touring boats or sea kayaks.

See our moving water skills courses for adventures on some of the Lake District’s most scenic rivers.

Kayaking is available as a half day, full day, or expedition activity. Why not try one of our trips to Wild Cat Island?

See our Flat water kayaking skills courses if you want to develop those skills to make you the independent paddler.

Family groups can have lots of fun and learn new skills at the same time.

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