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Terms and conditions of booking

  • Terms and conditions of booking
    • Joint Adventures accepts your bookings on the basis of receiving a non refundable deposit (usually of 50% PER PERSON) of the activity costs at the time of booking.
    • When there is less than 4 weeks before the activity date, for activities September to March, full payment is due at the time of booking. For activities April to September the full cost of the activities due at least 6 weeks before the activity dates.
    • Your booking is also made on the basis that you accept that the activity you have chosen to do involves risk, and that you accept responsibility for your actions associated with those risks on the basis that, although it cannot be eliminated completely, risks will be managed by your instructor in line with current best practice, and that you will follow instructions given to you by the instructor.
    • If booking on behalf of a group of friends or an organisation you accept that you have a duty of care to ensure that your group are aware of the risk nature of the activity and that they accept this in line with terms and conditions laid out.
    • If booking on behalf of a group of friends or an organisation you have obtained parental consent for any person under 18 to take part in this activity.
    • You and members of a group are physically and mentally fit enough to participate in physical activity.  If you are unsure of this please consult your medical practitioner.
    • Your booking is also accepted on the basis that you accept that you provide accurate medical information, so that we can be best informed with regard to managing your safety. It is extremely unlikely that any medical condition will prevent you from taking part in the activity.
    • Joint Adventures does not accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings, or personal injury unless it is caused by negligence on the part of instructors. If you are concerned about this we strongly recommend that you take out personal accident insurance cover through your own insurers.
    • You are responsible for arriving at your session meeting point in good time. Most sessions are programmed to start at a specific time. We can only delay the start of sessions by 15 minutes and cannot accept responsibility for clients arriving late and missing the session.
    • Joint Adventures provides a means to access an online booking service, and may provide information about 3rd party accommodation providers. We are NOT an accommodation provider, and cannot accept liability for any matters connected with the accommodation booking. We strongly recommend that customers ensure that they check out the terms and conditions with individual accommodation providers before booking accommodation.
    • You provide a full and up to date residential address and are happy for Joint Adventures to pass on this information for Track and Trace purposes up to 21 days after your visit.


    • Joint Adventures reserves the right to modify activities in line with prevailing weather conditions and offer a suitable alterative activity session. We also reserve the right to cancel activities on the very rare occasions when we judge that conditions make this necessary. In these circumstances where an activity is cancelled by us a full refund or an alternative date will be offered. Joint Adventures does not accept liability for any other costs incurred in association with travel or accommodation in connection with your activity. If you are concerned about this please take out separate insurance.
    • Cancellations by the client, in part or whole, less than 4 weeks (6 weeks for activities April to September) before the activity date will not be refunded,
    • Cancellations more than 4 weeks (6 weeks for activities April to September) will result in the loss of the deposit. If the cancellation is made with more than 4 weeks before the activity date then Joint Adventures will attempt to re book the days with other clients. If successful a full refund will be given minus any payment processing charge, but otherwise any monies will not be refunded.  If you are concerned about the risk of you having to cancel we strongly recommend that you take out additional insurance cover.

    Cancellations due to Coronavirus

    A refund will only be given if:

    • The incidence of Coronavirus prevents members of the public from visiting the area.
    • The incidence of Coronavirus prevents you from leaving the area in which you are resident.

    A refund will not be given if you or any member of your group:

    • Become ill with Coronavirus
    • Are asked to self-isolate because you have been in contact with someone who has the virus.
    • In these 2 instances above clients will be offered and alternative date for their activity.

Privacy Policy

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