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What to wear

Outdoor Activities In the Lake District

Being comfortable is all part of the game when taking part in outdoor activities. Striking the balance between too much and too little clothing needs a bit of thought.

Land Based Activities

  • Having two or three thin layers of clothing is much better than having just one thick layer.
  • Cotton is a poor choice of fabric if there is any chance of it getting wet. Football type shirts made of a nylon type material are good.
  • Synthetic fleece or woollen material makes a good second layer.
  • A wind/water proof top and trousers keeps you warm and dry.
  • Walking boots or strong shoes are best for the fells and fields of The Lake District. We can usually provide these if you ask in advance of your visit.

Water Based Activities

For water based activities we will give you a wetsuit and water proofs. If the weather is very warm you may not wish to wear a wetsuit ( but you will always have the option) so bring lighter clothing such as light trousers and a fleece top if the weather is likely to be warm.

In any case you should bring:

  • A towel
  • A change of underclothing/swim wear
  • A change of socks (warm socks for gorge scrambling)
  • Spare footwear such as trainers or wetsuit boots for kayaking canoeing or raft building. Please DO NOT bring sandals or open toe footwear.

Click here to download a printable list of what to wear so that you can email it to your group.

Gorge Walking - Think Rock and water

Trainers which are sturdy with a thick sole and thick uppers, or better still walking boots, are best in the gorge.

Why our wetsuits are better than most

Some companies...

Only ever offer you summer weight 3mm wetsuits. If you’re lucky they will be dry and maybe they will have arms and shoulders rather than just a Long John. Long Johns are fine for boating activities; they actually give you a bit more freedom of movement in the shoulders, but are not as warm, so if you think you might get cold you should definitely wear a full wetsuit.

Joint Adventures...

Give you full wetsuits which are always dry when you put them on. Wetsuits work best when they fit well so we make sure that we give you a suit which fits. We do have some 2 piece wetsuits so if you just want a Long John for boating, this can usually be done.

We also have some winter weight wetsuits for outside summer months but we always offer groups 2 summer wetsuits if we do not have a winter wetsuit in your size. In short we have the resources to keep you warm and comfortable in all seasons.

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