Outdoor activities in the sunny Lake District! Surely not.  Well believe it or not pretty much every spring in May and June the Lake District Fells are bathed in sunshine rather than rain.  Lake District rivers drain and lake levels fall.  To complete this idle, the day light hours are long and the winds are light.

Gorge scrambling is one of the most popular outdoor activities and is the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon.  Certainly for wet gorge scrambles you still need a wetsuit but at any point you can cool off just by taking a dip.  Check out our gorge scrambling sessions here

Gorge scramble enjoying the cool waters of the gorge
Cooling off on a gorge scramble

Other outdoor activities popular in the last week of the heat wave canoeing and kayaking.  Slightly drier than gorge scrambling and canyoning but canoeing and kayaking still provide chances to cool off.  People taking advantage of the refreshing coolness of the waters has meant that its been a busy time for ourtdoor activities on our favourite lake; Coniston Water.  At this time of year people tire from paddling or walking too far so we shift the emphasis to skills.  This means that on boating sessions we tend to emphasis how to kayak or canoe rather than how far to kayak and canoe.  its also a good time to learn rescue skills and wet stuff without the need to get too cold.

kayak self rescue skills
self rescue

Good weather on the fells has provided the chance to get out and learn basic (or not so basic) navigation skills.  The desire to trek miles is moderated by the sunshine and the chance to dip your feet in a tarn without worrying about getting hypothermia.  See here for our navigation courses


Of course all the rules still apply and as providers we must ensure that activities are run in a way appropriate to the weather and the people taking part.  Getting the pace right, with lots of shade and lots of hydration is what is required.  This is one time of year when I can justify my silly hat and silly shades and may even use up that bottle of sunscreen!.

outdoor activities
Keeping in the shade

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