When was the last time you went out for a coffee or even lunch?  No, not just to a friend’s house or a cafe but actually outside.  If you haven’t ever tried this then I think you are definitely missing a trick.

It must have been about 1992.  I was on one of those team building things which you do at work.  Everyone had to go outside and do problem solving in the rain.  Whilst standing on a small hill in light drizzle, out of the blue, the penny dropped.  When all around me were wondering when this torture would be over I was remarkably content and happy; looking out of the hood of my anorak sipping my coffee and eating a biscuit.  The coffee tasted good and the biscuit was nice but the real bonus was the view, the feel of the air on my face and just being outside.

It had only taken me about 20 years to realize that I just liked being outside.  May be it was that the other people in the group seemed to resent the weather.  In contrast  I thought it quite nice that there was just enough rain landing on my face to refresh me and keep me form overheating in my waterproofs.  And because I was wearing waterproofs I wasn’t actually getting wet.

Sitting in front of my computer listening to the rain pattering on the window I am reminded of that moment when the penny dropped. And after it had dropped it rolled quite a long way.  I now run an outdoor adventure business and apart from my children growing up thinking that daddy doesn’t really have a job, it seems to have worked out well.

Being outside generally means that you are being active.  This is definitely not the same as going to the gym but can have equal health benefits and possibly reduce the risk of overdoing it.  Going for a walk can cost nothing and bring you priceless views or experiences.  Walking naturally leads to exploration; by boat, or climbing, or cycling.  Exploration leads to adventure.

As adults we tend to focus on our work and responsibilities.  We can easily forget our childhood memories of exploration and the feeling of doing something for the first time.  Outdoor adventures not only bring us health benefits but also allow us to continue to feel excited about the everyday things which we do.  So where are you going to have your next cup of coffee?