kayak touring Lake Deistrict

Starting with kayaks and canoes

It’s about this time of year we get enquiries from people who want find out about kayaks and canoes.  Increasingly we are also getting people interested using kayaks and canoes on one of the “Canoe Trails” like The Great Glen in Scotland, Windermere in The Lake District, or the more humble trail starting at Tewitfield […]


Canoe or Kayak? It’s not about the boat.

Canoes and kayaks have developed from primitive water craft designed by indigenous people for a variety of uses including hunting, fishing, trading and even war.  The designs range from dugouts or wooden frames with animal skin stretched over them.  Kayaks have been more traditionally used as single person boats with an enclosed cockpit.  There use […]

Team Building needs trust and reliability

Thoughts about Team Building

Team building use to strike me as a rather strange and possibly not very well defined activity;  AKA a bit of a waste of time.  After all, people are employed to do a job so they should really just be able to get on with it.  I can’t help thinking that many people must feel […]

kayaking on Coniston Water

Wild Cat Island and Coniston Water Tour

Today we paddled our touring kayaks on Coniston Water. Our aim was to reach Wild Cat Island (Peel Island) before going onto the end of the lake to Octopus Lagoon (Allan Tarn). Both these spots feature in Swallows and Amazons books and are a must visit destination for Swallows fans for all ages or just […]