Anyone use to doing outdoor activities will have missed them and we probably didn’t need lockdown to make us realise how good it is to go outside….. but maybe it helped for some people.   I think that it’s a pretty safe bet to say that most of us would rather not have had to endure restrictions on our movements and freedoms which have been in place for the past year, not to mention the threat to our health. Undoubtedly the experience has been different for different people and we have all had to find our own way of dealing with it.

My way of dealing with the restrictions has meant going for walks.  Walking has become quite a big part of my day.  I haven’t been kayaking, canoeing or climbing since the end of the summer.  Instead I have walked virtually every day  even in the rain.  On the rare occasions I didn’t get out I always regretted it.  It’s all been fairly low level stuff with much repetition of paths around Torver and Coniston.  It’s been nice to see the seasons slowly change with Spring slowly replacing Winter.

Outdoor activities kayak on Coniston Water
We love outdoor activities in small groups.
Outdoor activities on Coniston Fells
Snow on top of The Old Man.


So the end of lockdown is just around the corner and we are once again preparing to gorge scramble, kayak, canoe, rock climb and of course go to Wild Cat Island.  We might have to wash hands a bit more often and continue to keep our distance and not hug quite so much.  Most of the activity sessions will be closed groups and we won’t be running large school groups for a little while.

The most popular of all outdoor activities Gorge walking lake district
Nothing like a nice warm shower.

The end of Lockdown

We are currently anticipating that for outdoor activities the rule of 6 might apply for quite a while.  This means that kayaking groups will be either up to 6 or just one household.  This applies to rock climbing and canoeing as well as gorge scrambling.

In some ways for you customers out there, small groups can be quite an attractive proposition.  In practice most of our private groups are exactly that; private or small and perfectly formed.

Plan Your Adventure

So if you have been longing for the return of outdoor adventure, or if you are one of those who have discovered that you actually like being outdoors then you can start to plan your adventures with us. and kayak, rock climb or scramble your way back into what might become the new normal.  Contact us in the usual way to find out more about your outdoor adventure.