Gorge Scrambling; what's it like?

It's probably safe to say that people who book on a gorge scramble for the first time are probably taking a bit of a leap of faith.  For one thing many people can easily get confused about which activity they have booked on.  Are they going on a gorge walk, gorge scramble,  ghyll scramble, or even a canyon?

Well as far as most people are concerned a gorge walk, gorge scramble and ghyll scramble are more or less the same thing.  Perhaps the only real difference is that steepness of the terrain or the sides of the river but most people are unaware of the difference.  All 3 involve going up the stream.  Canyoning is different because it is coming down the stream.  

What sort of experience is a gorge scramble?

Well gorge scrambling is usually pretty wet..well very wet; that's almost the whole point.  So when you arrive (usually at our base) we will invite you to go to the loo before putting your wetsuit on!  After a quick briefing you can pop into the changing room and emerge a few 

Gorge Walking ghyll scramble gorge walk

minutes later transformed into a gorge scrambler.  A few more bits of kit later ; helmet, bouancy aid and waterproofs, and you are ready for  the walk UP to the beck.

By now even if you arrived feeling a little bit cold, you will be starting to feel quite warm.. or even a little hot.  Don't worry it's all part of the plan.  We want you to feel too warm.  That way the motivation to get int the beck is high.  A quick check of your laces, helmet and bouancy aid and off we go up the gorge.




Some people are still a little nervous at this stage but others are chomping at the bit to get going.  Whichever  you are you will soon get into the swing of things and be scrambling up through the water.  The trick is to take your time and get use to the slippy rocks and wet water.  Usually that's easy because by this time you're having lots of fun and you haven't even got to the first pool jump yet!Gorge scramble first jumpGorge scrambling, ghyll scrambling, gorge walking.