So we have now survived another summer holiday season and for some reason I find myself thinking about how we do these sessions.  Well as you might expect it does depend on the family.  Families come on holiday for fun; to spend time together and a break from routine.  Most family sessions contain either rock climbing, canoeing and gorge scrambling and a mix of fun and games. What can we add to this? Or to put it another way why should you choose to book and adventure with us?

At the risk of sounding a bit back to front, a good place to start might be the end.  What do we want the outcomes to be?  For sure fun and lots of smiles.  Also seeing  people grow in confidence is also desirable but there is also some scope for some learning and doing something new.   So around 10 years after I last steped inside a classroom to teach a science lesson I find myself once again thinking about teaching and learning.  What’s more I don’t feel the need to appologize for this.  We have lots of reviews which clearly show we can do the safe fun and lots of smiles bit.  But for those people who want a bit more here’s what could be offered.

gorge scramble
Under the guidence of your instructor choose a safe descent path

You could learn all sorts of things but a little bit of focus  is usually good.  What should we focus on?  Well anything on the session which interests you is a pretty good start.  We could spend a couple of minutes teaching you to move your boat sideways, or backwards, or getting back in your boat after you have fallen out (maybe after trying one of those silly challenges that your instructor has just suggested).  You might see your instructor doing a rescue on someone else so next time maybe you could help…. if you wanted.  We can also help people with making choices, decsisions and learning about taking risks.   Of course we don’t want to take any of the fun away but it strikes me that we have a real chance to do something pretty neat here and to paraphraise a Tracy Chapman song ( or lesser known rabbinic sage Hillel the Elder )  If not us, who else? If not today, then when?

kayak self rescue skills
self rescue