Archery and Tag Archery

Almost everyone has either had a go at or wants to have a go at Archery.  Well now is your chance.  Last winter archery and tag archery in particular, were our most popular activities.  Haven’t heard of Tag Archery?  Its a fun and its active.  You stay warm and enjoy yourself with this combination. You have a great time.  The game is all about dodging arrows whilst trying to shoot members of the other team.


Tag archery, archery
Shoot out with friends

Work up an appetite or burn some calories

You don’t stand still.  Shooting it out amougst friends is outdoor adventures answer to Robin Hood vs The Sherif of Nottingham.  We start with some simple practice and learn basic shooting.  Once we have some archery skills the group split into teams and shoot it out with a variety of games.   You can get to shoot the apple off your friends head, capture the flag, or just shoot the stag (or hen).  For the fans of the traditional, British Bulldog works well. You don’t stand still, whichever way you do this.

As an alternative to paint ball this game rates well amoungst participants.  You don’t have to tog up in protective clothing ( just a face mask) and bruising isn’t usually an issue as it is with paint ball.  Certainly tag archery in the summer can be played in shorts and tea shirts.  As a winter activity tag archery is great.  Wheather you are organising a stag, hen or birthday party, tag archery will allow everyone to get involved and be entertained.


So if you are stuck for a Christmas Party activity, something to do on Boxing Day or just want an excuse to shoot at your friends then give us a call or contact us.  Find out more from our main website page