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Team Building

The Lake District

Team Building with Joint Adventures

Team Building activities are a great way of unlocking potential in your employees. Some of the benefits are:

  • Helps business colleagues bond in a non work environment
  • Helps promote better links with colleagues from other departments
  • Provides a stress free day away from the work environment
  • Helps clear minds of “day to day clutter”
  • Improves morale; staff will feel valued, which will help with staff retention
  • Can inspire healthier life style choices and improve that general feeling of well being.

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With many years of experience of organising Team Challenge events Joint Adventures will organise your team challenge so that it is fun, engaging and successful.

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Activity Overview

These are just some of the scenarios that work well with a variety of groups:

  • Blind Climbing and other activities - In this activity you must trust the sighted people around you, as they guide you through the task. Will you be able to instil confidence in your team mates? Will you be able to trust them when they are in the driving seat?
  • Fell Race - Follow a route marked out by photos. Identify the locations, complete the challenges, and race to the finish. Be warned, nobody should be left behind.
  • Lake Race - The challenge is to design and build your craft and race across the lake, or over a set course.
  • Survival Skills Challenge - Can you learn the skills needed to survive a day/ night in the woods? Doing the simplest of things takes time and, without good team work and delegation, it can all go horribly wrong!
  • Adventure Journey - Trek over fell and lake on a journey through one of the most beautiful parts of England. On the way team members will benefit from seeing one another in a different light.

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